Training / experiments

Outline of our laboratory experiments

General information

Responsible professor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Hufendiek

Responsible for practical training: Ralph Schelle

This lecture / training is for the following study programs:

  • Technology Management M.Sc.
  • Mechanical Engineering M.Sc.
  • Energy Engineering M.Sc.
  • Environmental Engineering M.Sc.


Please enroll via the C@mpus website. Under the modules 32040, 30810 or 36680 you will find a list of the practical experiments for each study program.

Should you experience problems finding the relevant laboratory experiment in  C@mpus, use the search function for courses and enter the name „Schelle“ in the category „lecturer“. There you will find all six experiments.


The documents required for the experiments will not be located in ILIAS, but will be available here:



The experiments are carried out in our seminar rooms at IER, Heßbrühlstraße 49a, 70565 Stuttgart.

Seminarräume IER

Contact person

This image shows Ralph Schelle

Ralph Schelle


Head of workshop and lab

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