Our research supports a future-oriented, sustainable energy system with its’ areas electricity, heat/cold and transport.

Research profile of IER

Our four main research areas

In our research we develop innovative approaches, models and methods in the following four areas to support research, the economy and politics.

including energy management, efficient energy use and demand side integration, especially for smart energy systems

concerning pricing, market mechanisms, market design and integration of grid aspects

of technological, economic, ecological, nexus and societal impacts

of technologies, systems and processes, especially concerning air pollutants, effects and external costs

With a specific focus on five areas

Our research is focused on the following five main areas in applied science for which we research and develop interdisciplinary solutions.

to provide electricity, heat/cold and transport including storage and options comprising different energy sources

especially the economic, ecological and social impacts, beneficial competition, mulit-layer utilisation as well as other renewable energy sources such as solar energy and geothermal energy

integrating demand, energy supply and interaction with the overall system

with an emphasis on cross-sectional technology, process industry and (waste) heat.

of technologies and systems with respect to technical, economic and sociological aspects through measurements, laboratory experiments and field tests

Further information is available on our working group, projects, models and publications web pages.

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