Smart Energy Lab

Experimental work with hybrid, intelligent, distributed energy systems

Das Smart Energy Lab

The Smart Energy Lab is a facility for experimental work with hybrid, intelligent, distributed energy systems on real estate level.

Smart Energy Lab
Schematic representation of the Smart Energy Lab.

The Smart Energy Lab enables innovative research on

  • multiple system configurations
  • integration of practical application including facility system and multiple users
  • experimental reproducibility

Doing research with the Smart Energy Lab strengthens the University of Stuttgart:

  • Using IER’s competences
  • Strengthening main research
  • Using synergies and encourageing co-operations
  • Connectivity to the research focus intelligent systems
  • Research with an effect on the public strengthens the University’s visibility

Contact person

This image shows Kai Hufendiek

Kai Hufendiek

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Professor for Energy Economics and Energy Systems

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