Papers and theses

Information on writing Bachelor- and Master theses as well as other papers at IER

General Information

We offer the possibility to write theoretical, constructive and experimental papers.

All students working on a paper or thesis at IER are required to take part in the seminar „Energiesysteme, Energiewirtschaft und Rationelle Energieanwendung“ (theses seminar). The dates for the current semester are on our website  (EsEwRea-Seminar). You have to take part in 9 lectures. The requested signatures for your participation are collected on the Seminarschein (seminar certificate). Besides to the seminar lectures you can also take part in the GREES colloquium, where a GREES lecture counts for three regular seminar lectures. However, you can only have two GREES lectures assigned to your seminar certificate.

Your tutor can provide more details on your paper and the writing process.
For further questions that can not be clarified with the supervisor, please use the Sprechstunde (office hours).


Current theses and paper topics at IER (in German)

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