Energy Markets and Intelligent Systems

Energy markets and their pricing mechanisms, design of distributed markets with algorithms for an optimal operation of intelligent energy systems.

Main research

Our department researches pricing in energy markets, impacts of different frameworks upon the security of energy supplies and prices. Furthermore, we investigate the impact of distributed markets developing within intelligent distributed energy systems.

To this end, we use the European electricity market model E2M2. The strengths of this model lie in a simultaneous operational and resource scheduling with a high time-region-resolution, the observation of combined sectors (e.g. combined heat and power), a detailed display of flexibility options and the integration of stochastic approaches.

In the area of intelligent energy systems we develop new approaches in system management of such distributed solutions, and work on the question how such systems can be integrated in the overall system, considering an autonomous network.

Research groups

Aufbauend auf der Elektrizitätsmarktmodellierung werden Koordinationsmechanismen und Rahmensetzungen zur Transformation des Energiesystems hinsichtlich ihrer Effizienz, Wechselwirkungen, Verteilungsgerechtigkeit und optimalen Integration von (nachfrageseitiger) Flexibilitätsoptionen analysiert.

We research on an intelligent control of distributed, sector-integrated energy systems in the Smart Energy Lab as well as on analysing arising value-added networks and business models.

We develop new model functions for an improved display of the electricity market, research on methods to reduce calculating time, and analyse energy economic scenarios.

Head of department and team

This image shows Kai Hufendiek

Kai Hufendiek

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Professor for Energy Economics and Energy Systems



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