Efficient Energy Use

The research department „Efficient Energy Use“ with its’ head Prof. Dr. Peter Radgen focussing on energy efficiency in the manufacturing and digital industry.

Main Research

Our research department focuses on energy efficiency / decarbonisation in manufacturing and digital industry. Our goal is a technical, economic and ecological assessment of industrial energy efficiency.

We touch a wide range of subjects around the topic of energy efficiency, covered by our research groups:

  • Compressed air technology and cross-cutting technologies
  • Waste heat and data centres
  • Process technologies and energy management

For more information on our activities or if you are interested in a joint research project, please contact the respective researcher.

Research groups

Questions around efficient compressed air technology and other cross-cutting technologies (fans, pumps…)

The research group also offers several services around compressed air technology. For further information please visit www.druckluft-effizient.de.

Analysis of energy efficiency potentials by waste heat utilization and optimised cooling technologies. The area of data centres covers both waste heat recovery, cooling and site optimisation and optimising operations.

Analysis and assessment of decarbonisation and energy efficiency potentials in sector specific process technologies. Additional emphasis lies upon energy management and sustainability of systems where the ways of generating and consuming energy are analysed.

Head of department and team

This image shows Peter Radgen

Peter Radgen

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Professor for Efficient Energy Use
Head of graduate and research school energy efficiency Stuttgart (GREES)
Head of Research Department



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