System Analysis and Renewable Energy

Use of renewable energy (bioenergy, solar, wind and geothermal energy) and new energy technologies and the integration within the energy system.

Main research

In the department of System Analysis and Renewable Energy we research and lecture on the use of renewable energy like bioenergy, solar, wind or geothermal energy and on integrating these energy technologies within the system context.

Our research especially comprises:

  • assessment of potentials of renewable energy
  • economic and macroeconomic effects and impacts
  • environmental assessments including life cycle assessment
  • and various models to assess the integration of renewable energy technologies

We also evaluate pilot plants and are engaged in information and technology transfer.

The research team covers the below mentioned topics. For further information or interest in a particular research project, please contact us any time.

Research groups

System oriented evaluation of biomass and bioenergy use for energetic and non-energetic purposes.

Integration and adaption of renewables for electricity generation and in sector coupling.

Integrated urban and rural energy systems with renewables, also in developing and transition countries.

Head of department and team

This image shows Ludger Eltrop

Ludger Eltrop


Head of Research Department



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