Workshop & Laboratory

The IER disposes for the application in research and education of a well equipped workshop and measuring lab, where energetically relevant parameters can be grasped and evaluated with modern measuring technology, as well as apparatuses for measuring applications can be provided . With the application of the technical environment following purposes are pursued:

  • Lab check of apparatuses, components and systems
  • Elevation of power demand data of devices, processes or care unities as a basis for energy consultation and certification
  • Examination of energy technological devices in the field attempt
  • Inquiry of energy saving potentials, for instance, by change of the technology under retention of the production parameters or by procedure comparisons as well as
  • Realization of lab tests (training periods) in the area of education

Measurements of the electric and thermal power demand can be carried out in the lab as well as in the field. Besides that other dimensions, which are to be taken into consideration by energy-technical arrangements, can also be grasped and measured, for example, pressure, volume stream, sound, light, wind speed or aerial pollutant concentrations in waste gases. In the telematic application with the help of data luggers and PC-measuring technology can short and long time measurements in different temporal resolutions be carried out. Depending on operational area and exactness claim, industrial measuring technology or precision measuring technology are used. The majority of the used measuring technology is calibrated in the IER by means of own precision references itself and is checked constantly for full effectiveness. In addition, a row by fine-mechanical and electric works can be carried out in the lab.

With support of the measuring lab and the workshop, IER have currently more that ten years experience  in the in the area of the energy consultation for big and middle-class companies. DaimlerChrysler and SEL Alcatel belong to the buyers of these achievements.